Sunday, May 8, 2011

Justin Bieber's Concert 'Egger' Arrested

Justin Bieber's Concert 'Egger' Arrested
by Contessa Gayles

The infamous Justin Bieber egg pelter has been arrested and charged with the crime of messin' with the Biebs.

The popster was egged on stage as he sang his hit 'One Time' at his My World tour Sydney, Australia show on April 29. The suspect, who slung the egg bombs from the concert venue rooftop that barely missed Bieber, is a teenage boy. He was arrested at his home today (May 5) and taken to Waverley Police Station, where he was charged with breaking and entering, trespass and malicious damage. The adolescent assailant was released on conditional bail and is due to appear at Parramatta Children's Court on June 2.

Maybe Bieber can sympathize with his victimizer -- he is, after all, a fellow teenage prankster. He recently posted his buddy's phone number on his own Twitter page, telling fans it was his own and encouraging them to call. He also just won a Webby Award for his hilarious April Fool's Day videosketch on Funnyordie.com.

Watch Justin Bieber get egged.

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