In the land of 10-minute marriages, there have been some successful and long term unions along the way. It's relatively hard to live happily ever after in tinsel town, but a few have managed to beat the odds. Let's take a look at some happily married Hollywood marriages that have endured beyond the quarter-century mark.

One of the rock-steadiest couples around is Jay Leno and his wife of 31 years, Mavis. They met in 1976 when she was in the audience at one of his stand-up gigs. Legend has it that after Leno finished his set, he dashed over to the ladies room where he anticipated Mavis would be waiting in line. Bingo. Leno spoke to PopEater about the secrets to his happy marriage and put it in poignant terms.

"I enjoy being in the room with my wife," he tells us. "When she's reading and I'm fixing the car, just knowing that she's right over there, I like that, I like that feeling, I'm comfortable with that. I know so many men and women, you know, they take the long way home subconsciously, they stop off and they have a drink. Do you know what that means? It means you don't want to go home. I like to go home, and when you don't want to go home, that's a bad sign. That's really the trick."