Monday, March 7, 2011

Website Fuels Rumors of a Charlie Sheen & Lindsay Lohan Marriage Engagement

Website Fuels Rumors of a Charlie Sheen & Lindsay Lohan Marriage Engagement

In a time where celebrity meltdowns and personal turmoil are more common than ever, Actor’s Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan have been taking the world stage, fitting right into those leading roles.

For Charlie Sheen, his very personal troubles come with strange ‘sayings’ and illogical common sense for his actions. For Lindsay Lohan, her addictions are simply too much to control -her relapses have even come with Theft. These days, It’s no wonder why many mention Sheen and Lohan in the same sentence.

A match made up in heaven? This is clearly a joke, but one that may just turn viral as the joke gains popularity via blogs and social media. It seems that the rumors may be true to some, as the editor of the Love War Blog (LoveWarBlog.com) –Mr. Marcos Viñas, continues to get emails from people all over the world. They are asking, “Is it true? Did Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan get engaged? Is it a publicity stunt? –People want to know” says Viñas.

 So who comes up with this crazy stuff? Well, its:  SheenLohanEngagement.com The website is an online parody & quote generating love for one another. It’s the best 3 minutes you’ll ever spend, sheer entertainment. You click on either of the two and watch their best quotes come to life, right there on the screen.

SheenLohanEngagement.com was created in the spirit of ‘Live the Sheen Dream’. In fact, “Sheen Lohan Engagement” website can be called Part 2.  “It’s the continuation” says Whilly Bermudez – the marketing whiz kid that created the site. The Charlie Sheen “Tiger Blood” references are really funny, but adding Lohan to the mix – makes it a full blown 3 -minute “Tell Your Friends About It” campaign.

Check it and make sure you RSVP for the engagement party! http://www.SheenLohanEngagement.com

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