After an epic fail in Detroit, Charlie Sheen said he "got back to basics" for the second show of his 'Torpedo of Truth' tour, according to E! Online.

The "winning" actor said he stayed up until 4:30 Sunday morning re-working his live show, which debuted to boos and heckling Saturday night in Detroit.

"Gotta go with what got you to the dance and give the people what they want," the actor said. "On the bus someone said, 'You know, we could just keep driving to LA.' I said, 'F**k that. That's what losers do. I won.'"

Apparently so, since Sheen was greeted with a standing ovation from the Chicago crowd, along with chants of "Detroit sucks!" The former 'Two and a Half Men' star decided to ditch everything that didn't work during his first show -- like opening acts and video segments -- and give the audience what they want: Charlie Sheen.

The actor sat in a chair with a pack of cigarettes as he was interviewed by the tour's co-producer Joey Scoleri -- just like the interviews that prompted the bizarre rants that catapulted Sheen further into pop culture fame earlier this year.