Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ryan Reynolds & Sandra Bullock?

Ryan Reynolds developing new project for Sandra Bullock

Hollywood actor Ryan Reynoldswants to team up with former co-star Sandra Bullock in a new movie.
The pair were both in The Proposal and became close off-screen as well as on.
And they had such a good time working together, Reynolds has started developing a new project with Bullock in mind.
He told Access Hollywood: 'I would love to do another movie with her. I would be a fool to say no to that! If we can work it out, I will definitely - I will be there and I'll be on my best behaviour.'
But Bullock isn't the only woman who Reynolds is eager to work with.
The actor hopes his other Proposal co-star, Betty White, will join in the fun.
He added: 'Betty White will be there, but she will not be on her best behaviour! I mean, my God - there's a risque little lady!'

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